Furlong Unit | All you need to know

The furlong is a historical unit of length that was commonly used for measuring distances, especially in agriculture and horse racing. While it may not be as prevalent today, the furlong provides insight into historical measurement practices and their cultural significance.

Agriculture and Land Measurement

The furlong played a significant role in agriculture and land measurement:

  • Plowing: It was used to measure the length of furrows when plowing fields.
  • Acreage: Furlongs contributed to determining the size of agricultural plots.

Applications of the Furlong

The furlong has historical and cultural applications:

  • Horse Racing: Furlongs are still used to measure race tracks in some regions.
  • Cultural References: The furlong appears in literature, reflecting its historical importance.

Converting Furlong to Other Measurement Units

Converting furlong to modern measurement units provides interesting comparisons:

  • 1 furlong = 220 yards
  • 1 furlong ≈ 201.168 meters (approx.)

Importance of Historical Context

Understanding the historical context of the furlong offers insights into the practical uses of measurements in agriculture and other industries.

Using an Online Furlong Converter

An online furlong converter simplifies conversions. Enter the furlong value, select the target unit, and the converter provides the converted measurement instantly, ensuring accuracy and convenience.


The furlong serves as a reminder of historical measurement practices, particularly in agriculture and horse racing. Exploring furlong conversions and its cultural significance enriches our understanding of measurement systems and their applications in different fields.

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