Long ton

The long ton is a unit of weight primarily used in the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth countries. Representing 2,240 pounds, this unit is prevalent in trade, transportation, and fields where larger weights need to be quantified.

Navigating Substantial Weights

The long ton simplifies quantifying significant weights:

  • Shipping and Trade: Long tons are used to measure goods and commodities in international commerce.
  • Maritime Industry: It aids in assessing the weight of cargo and vessels.

Applications of the Long Ton

The long ton has diverse applications:

  • International Trade: Long tons play a crucial role in determining shipping costs and quantities.
  • Mining and Resources: It contributes to evaluating bulk materials and raw commodities.

Converting Long Tons to Other Weight Units

Converting long tons to other weight units is important for weight comparisons and trade:

  • 1 long ton = 2240 pounds (lb)
  • 1 long ton ≈ 1016.05 kilograms (kg)

Importance of Accurate Long Ton Conversions

Precision in long ton conversions is crucial for international trade, resource management, and efficient transportation of goods.

Using an Online Long Ton Converter

An online long ton converter simplifies conversions. Enter the long ton value, select the target unit, and the converter provides the converted weight instantly, ensuring accuracy and convenience.


The long ton serves as a significant unit for weight measurements, particularly in regions following the imperial system. Understanding long ton conversions and utilizing an online converter contribute to seamless trade, efficient transportation, and effective resource utilization in weight-dependent sectors.

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