Hoppus cubic foot

Hoppus Foot: Exploring a Timber Measurement Unit

The Hoppus Foot, also known as the "Hoppus Ton," is a historical unit of volume measurement used primarily in the timber industry for estimating the volume of timber logs. This measurement system was widely used in the United Kingdom and certain other regions with a significant timber trade.

Definition and Usage

The Hoppus Foot is defined as the volume of a stack of timber one foot square and eight feet long. It was used as a standard measurement to determine the quantity of timber in a log or a stack of logs. The Hoppus Foot provided a way to estimate the board footage or timber volume, which was crucial for trading, pricing, and transportation purposes.

Applications of Hoppus Foot

The Hoppus Foot had various applications in the timber industry:

  • Timber Trade: Timber merchants and loggers used the Hoppus Foot to calculate the volume of timber logs, aiding in pricing and sales negotiations.
  • Transportation: Estimating the volume of timber was essential for planning transportation logistics, including loading and shipping.
  • Regulation: In some regions, laws and regulations required the use of standardized measurement systems like the Hoppus Foot for timber trade.

Modern Usage and Conversion

While the Hoppus Foot was widely used historically, modern timber measurement practices have shifted to more standardized and precise methods. However, the Hoppus Foot's legacy is still present in some historical records and timber industry references.

Conversion factors may be applied to estimate the Hoppus Foot's equivalent volume in other modern units of measurement, such as cubic meters or board feet, depending on the region and specific requirements.


The Hoppus Foot served as an important measurement unit in the timber industry's history, especially in the United Kingdom and related regions. While it is no longer the primary method for timber measurement, its historical significance and influence on timber trade practices remain notable.

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